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A few years back my life was transformed because of a few values and principles that had a powerful impact on the way I lived my life. I’ve learned that every single person has the unique potential within them to become a leader and that they have their own unique flavor and gifting that they could use to make the world a better place.
I am deeply passionate about helping individual people realize the potential that they have. I know that I am successful in your success and I believe with all my heart that the greatest joy or accomplishment for any consultant, leadership coach or mentor is to help the people they develop to truly believe in themselves and realize what they are called to do.


Entrepreneurship is such a big part of my life, I do it every day and I Iove it. I think we are living in one of the best times in Indian history as far as starting and growing companies is concerned. Various economic projections suggest that India has the potential to become the strongest global economy within the next 25 years. If we ride this wave well with smart Indian entrepreneurship I think we can shape the way for India to become a truly great nation! Here is something you’ll hear me speak me about wherever I go – “To make India a great nation we need great leaders”.

I’ve founded the JM School – a concept specialty school for aspiring fashion designers & FreedomX – An e-commerce platform with a mission to leverage the financial and knowledge resources of B2B and B2C companies for the purpose of rehabilitating victims of human trafficking.


To me speaking is about engaging with and impacting the hearts and minds of people. Whether it’s emceeing an event, speaking to a group of professionals or to an educational institution speaking has the power to influence people. I feel privileged to be given opportunities to speak – my passion has always been people and the fact that I get to influence them with a Mic in my hand makes me feel quite grateful.


I’m here to take you to the next level of your business or professional career. A lot of individuals struggle with confidence. They feel like they don’t have enough business acumen or leadership skills to chase after their dreams and so I’ve developed techniques to help people gain the confidence they need. On the business consulting front, I specialize in the fields of sales and marketing for B2C companies.

This includes online marketing strategies, relationship management, customer service processes, vision formulation, lead generation processes, lead nurturing processes and what I call “The Delight Factor” – a concept to make your business great. On the personal development front, I coach people on leadership, conflict resolution, motivation and other personal development needs. I just don’t offer solutions, I get to the root of each problem and help people to pull it out.

Jonathan is a part of the Versys Group of Consultants.

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I’ve coached different people right from young entrepreneurs to people coming out of addictions; my passion is to help people tap into their full potential

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Personal and Character Development, Marketing & Sales Strategies for B2C companies, Vision Casting, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution



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Jonathan’s session on Finding Your Personal Vision was quite encouraging and effective. It has certainly created an urge in the students for developing a vision and purpose for their life.  The session also helped them to start thinking about their failures as learning opportunities and to go forward enthusiastically.

John Attupuram Vice President - OD & Corporate Relations, Koshys Group of Institutions

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